Sunday, March 18, 2012

{weekend} ing

Thank you for all the sweet and kind comments on {Stella walks in rainbow houses quilt}. The quilt has been washed and covered on Stella's bed! She told me, it feels so warm mama, how thick it is? She also told me it is probably because my hands touched the quilt too much, so make it warm ( as she refers me a warm blooded).  Are you enjoying your weekend? It is in the 70's here in N.D. Everyone tells me enjoy what we have now because we might have snow next month! I have been sewing, reading, housing cleaning, and watching movie all weekend now. As many of you know by now I always watch a movie when I do my sewing.  I finished three more {Kerry's house} this weekend. The one with blue sky needs a redo! It is quarter inch smaller. The freezer paper shifted while I was sewing.  My plan is making a mini quilt from these little houses. 

{Garden house}

 { sewing house}

 {toy house}

{fabric house}

{ more houses under construction}

I also managed finished two Swoon quilt blocks this weekend. It takes about over an hour for each block. I used many post-it for labeling sizes and that works really well for me. I have cut all the back ground colors together then two fat quarters each time when I start the new block. Surely it is a productive weekend that I haven't had in a long time. After posting, I am off more sewing and watching movie. Stella is making KiKi a new dress { I just hope she doesn't sew KiKi and the clothes together}.



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    1. Thank you, Marit! Are you also working with paper-piecing?

  2. If you are lucky you can reuse the freezer paper pieces a few times- I know sometimes they get sewn in but I reused mine a couple of times. Such cute houses!

    1. Thank you, Kerry! I though about reuse the freezer paper pieces, but I ended up sewn some of them with the fabric. It would probably take me some good practices to get better.


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