Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random: { as always}

As always there is something that never change about me.  I always treasure fabric that I received or friend got for me. They always make me smile and of course mom doesn't know about it since she lives too far away from the home that I am living now. I could just picture what she has to say about it and you don't wanted to know about it! She still yelled at me a lot even though she sees me once in two years or longer. I know deep in my heart she worries about me and just doesn't know what a better way to say! I understand her since I became a mom!

As always, when we get home! Stella works on her homework or reading and I ( who sit across the table from her) plays with the project from last night or new projects. We always talk! She always talks! Lately, she is asking me a lot of about my childhood. What was it like? I think Stella is the newest version of me at age 7. I talked a lot, too!

As always, my friend Erin from Taiwan sends one package a year to us. Each time she sent cookies and Stella's favorite candies from Taiwan. Erin and I met in English school way way back when I was 16. The friendship hasn't stopped or disconnected even though I left Taiwan when I was 18. I remembered we wrote each other a lot since computer age wasn't popular in demand back in Taiwan at the time. Erin is one of my very closed friend that I can tell my secretes! I know we don't get that many type of friends in real life. shhh...

As always, I am big fan of Denyse Schmidt. I ordered the full line of Flea Market Fancy Legacy back in February. The gray were so popular, so I had to ordered the second time. When I buy fabric I give myself some sort of excuses. It started.. oh it is for my birthday.. then for Christmas.. I think I have withdrawn my birthday and Christmas presents till 2020. No kidding.. I decided to slow down since this large order! I prefer buying 1/2 yards and fat quarters now. Do you? I only buy full yardage when they are on sale or for my backing. I start a little fat quarter stashes in the new fabric organizing system.  It works really well.

As always, I get gifts from Stella. I have been enjoying watch her growth from her drawings. Each drawing represents a story and a memory of hers! The puppy under the giraffe is Lucky, the puppy. Lucky has had his birthday last weekend and we celebrated with him via skype. He surely is a big pup now!

As always, I try to find my time and  enjoy my day after school works and be with Stella. Thanks to the sunny and mild days that we are having now!

off the sunny walk now, as always!



  1. Those little mother daughter chats are so lovely. I liked seeing the photo where you are auditioning your fabrics with the freezer paper templates. My process looks like that!

    1. These conversations are just funny at our home! I found placing fabric around help me to visualize the colors and make changes. I am hoping to master this skill someday! It is surely a taking my time project. xo


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