Monday, March 26, 2012

Random: One step a day

In case you came and this space is not renew for last couple of days. I am nearly finishing my spring cleaning. It is very hard for me to give away things. I have difficulty to give away things that I have had for sometimes, but the true is that I never use them or rarely use them. I decided to give away a few quilt tops that I made a few years back to a friend. She will be able to completed them into quilts. The Living room couch has been a storing table for last few days. Lots books, mini quilts and a pile of quilts. I received a few complains from Stella and I forgot to mention the floor has the swoon quilt top in progress.  I didn't finish the quilt top as I wished, but only three left, so I should be able to complete it sometimes this week?? { fingers crossed}

On Saturday,  I went and helped my grad colleague install his MFA exhibition all day. We didn't get home till 9p.m.  It was cold and the kind of the day that I forgot to bring my hot coffee with me! We ended up ran two supply trips in town. The exhibition is up running as of today and I think he is very excited and ready to {sleep} now. I am really fortunate to help him for his show; part of my job during the day is the gallery coordinator, so it was good that I can actually work with him and give suggestions.

I also managed to pieced two {Kerry's House}. My goal is 12 houses and make them into a small quilt. It will take me another few weeks to complete all the houses. The last house block I made was so much better and I enjoy it so much! It is a bit disappointed that I don't have many smaller prints fabric in the stash. I'd love to extended my fabric stashes into some smaller prints.

I am taking one step a day here, are you?



  1. I love seeing your little houses together, so cute!

    1. I am still trying to get better! Somehow the freeze paper moves when I sew. I probably need to press harder. I was able to reuse the template twice before they went bad.


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