Monday, April 2, 2012

Random: days after days

hi! were you visiting this space last few days? sorry, I was gone, but around! I was busy with school works and dealing with some jobs problems! Emotionally sadden and struggled! Well, all it taken care of! I am feeling free and ready to start fresh again! Thanks to great chair in our department!

I was playing with my new camera lenses over the weekend. It is a 200mm lenses and it allows me to take long distance shot! I really love it! My friend is getting marry this summer.  I am so ready to be her wedding photographer and take some fun photos for her! The wedding will be held in the beautiful country side in Iowa. It will be a wonderful get away when the summer comes! "Summer, come sooner".

As you can see, while mama was busy, the little girl decided to take over the table and make something amazing and fun! Which she did! I can't wait to photography her project! Normally... well actually always we fight for the table space! Guess who wins?

Stella wrote me Christmas music to remind me how wonderful Christmas is about! It is always about joy and happiness! She really knows how to cheer her mama up when her mama is feeling down! She also play the music on her piano for me.

These green plants help us survived the winter. They lighted up our dark winter apartment and they are keep growing and being healthy! The south window is a great place for them! Do you have any indoor plants that you talk to everyday? I do! I spend my morning coffee by the window each day and try to wake my mind up!

Quilts are washed and tucked in the found vintage wire basket!  Finally our couch is back to setting mode! I am thinking make a new picnic quilt for this summer! I am thinking Habitat . I am also thinking about another Swoon quilt! um.. too many things that I'd love to play around!

I played with the fabric that I cut off from the swoon quilt. Yes! The swoon  quilt top is done, but I need to find a good day to photography it. It turns out fabulous! Vibrate colors and fun background. I plan to send my swoon quilt to a professional long-arm quilter! Any of you have good long-arm quilter could suggested to me?

It looks like it is going to be another cooler week here! Stella and I have a big get away trip coming up. I might not be here much again this week! I try to accomplish as much work as possible, but my energy level is a bit low and I want it back so bad, so the trip will help me out a lot!

Have a great week~ 



  1. LOVE your bonus blocks from the Swoon quilt! Katie jump Rope looks so good next to the dark fabric. Have fun playing...
    ; )

    1. Thanks! I have the quilt top photograph and will post it later this week.


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