Sunday, March 11, 2012

Random: Spring Sunday

What a fabulous day to start with! Sun, warm temperature, and a productive day. It has been so comfortable this weekend. We were able to spend some time outdoor and even open the windows during the day. A little baking was happening yesterday and homemade burgers to go with our Saturday night movie. Even thought I am fighting with spring allergy, but I really am enjoy my school spring break so far. The allergy came down on me rather quick and aggressive this year, since last year I didn't get any. How can this be?

Last night, I finished the backing for the {rainbow houses quilt} due to the time change I was in bed around 3a.m. It does sound late! Whenever I made a large quilt we have to move our furniture around in the living room. I had to hop on the couch to tape on one side of the edge. The quilt is basted with pins ( lots of them) and I will find a day this week to quilt the piece. I haven't decided which pattern to use. I might use simple loops instead. It is measured in 85"x72" ( or bigger). This afternoon Stella has her spring piano recital and it was so cozy and warm recital as always. As you might remember  Kim, the piano teacher. Baby Elsie is coming home tomorrow or on Tuesday. They are very excited about her coming home! Elsie is doing very well and health! Please keep sending your good thoughts to baby Elsie.  { thank. you}

Happy Spring Sunday


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