Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I took a few hours on Monday night and cut off the swoon block fabrics. I organized them by sizes and blocks. The system is working well for me! I was able to completed the third block this afternoon, but didn't get the chance to photography maybe I will show them all together when I finish the quilt top. I am attempting to finish all 9 blocks by this weekend, maybe! Three is done and 6 more to go.. I have the fourth block arranged and ready to sew and cut! It was a fabulous morning and afternoon here again! Stella and I took a long walk and enjoy the sunset. She is loving her scooter from Christmas! I also rode on it this afternoon! We had a little competition here actually.

It is so quiet right now! As the little girl is sounding deeply in her sleep and I am blogging. Dishes are done, house is picked, plants are watered, and the sewing machine is about to get start again. The kettle is on and I am about to brew a pot of coffee and enjoy this quiet night. Perhaps some music playing. I love late night working... my friend Julie calls me a "night owl" which is very true!


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  1. I love working at night as well. Lovely fabric choices. Looking forward to see the finished product.


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