Monday, March 19, 2012

{swooning} one and two

I love {swooning} on the weekend. Here is my {swooning} one and two! I am so pleased with the both blocks.  It took a few weeks to decided the color for the background fabric. I have been working with white so much and white background surely give good depth of colors, but on the other hand I was thinking something else. When I saw Anna's swoon I was {wowing}. The gray background really alter the fabric colors and such. Then it took me another few weeks decided to go with painter canvas's charcoal.  It is like no going back when I ordered 5 yards. It is bit of scary! I questioned about it for a week then finally cut into these over the weekend.  What I love about this pattern is it really simple and easy to follow!

Today is a fabulously day here and I intend to read another 50 pages of assignment reading for a paper writing. It will be relax day here as all the windows are up and breezes came in and out! I shall brew a cup of coffee to sit and read.


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  1. Oh wow these are totally beautiful! I love the dark background, it makes this quilt very modern!


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