Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random: {obsession}

My new obsession- paper piecing! If I could have all the time that I {wanted}. I'd be piecing these little housing all day long!I finished another house in 6" {left one}, but I am not sure about the colors. Too much white,so each part of the house isn't showing much. For the new house here is what I was thinking. In the raining day that we stay indoor and enjoy baking time and music.  There are few parts were bigger, so the roof isn't matched well!

Number of years ago, I found this book in a garage sale for 25 cents. I have kept this book since then. When I bought this book I thought cross stitch is going to be my thing, but I never really push to get this done!

 Spring cleaning definitely help me look into what I have and revisit things that I bought in the past.  These are so cute and fun! I love these colonial figures. I thought the gentleman and the lady with umbrella is pretty interesting and fun!

 I really love the top center image! I was wondering if any of you have know the company's name or where I can find more.

{Kerry's house} is surely cute!  I made another  4" template this afternoon. I actually preferred the 4" instead. I plan to make a few more before spring break ends. wish me good luck!

Here is my fabric selections! I cut down many yardage fabrics this afternoon, so I could have fat quarters to play with these paper piecing! 

 I would say this is a great {obsession}!



  1. I think you are finding, paper piecing fast becomes an addiction!

  2. I can see your new house is going to be a beauty. Love your fabrics!


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