Sunday, March 4, 2012

{Kerry's House}

I am still around, but haven't been able to do some fun sewing at home this week. Each week is going fast in my mind that means I keep busy each minute and each day. I really love that! I am waiting my fabric order to come, so I can start my swoon soon! well, have you visit Kerry's blog?  I am her fan! I love her paper piecing and love her fabric choice.  I mean, I adore her works! When Kerry celebrated her 2 years blog birthday she also shared a paper piecing pattern.  I couldn't resist the little house! I couldn't!  Last night, I sat down and began my first freezer paper piecing.  YEAH, but as you can see I made the mistake that I didn't mirror the image. I laugh when I finished it!

 It took me an hour or more from the start to finish. I think the hardest part was the fabric selection. Paper piecing doesn't require much fabric, but probably needs different fabrics in hand to play with.  I used mostly scraps from the scraps bin. 

 I picture this house is a small style English house and with lots spring flowers blooming around. on the path way there are some vine sort of plants around.  I needed a birdie somewhere, but I couldn't find a birdie print from my stashes.I need start looking for small prints fabric for these fun projects.

Oh! Kerry! you got my into this fun project and I couldn't resist! I will make the 6" then make a compare and contrast on them! I am sure I will be loving the tiny one more, but I shall let you know.

It is not perfect, but I will try more! The weekend is such relax and fun!  We are enjoying it!


  1. If you could see me now Chase you r would see I am smiling the biggest smile! I love your little house with its beautiful flower garden! And all the tiny pieces fitted together. If you want your next house the other way round, you can iron the paper onto the wrong side of the fabric, but this house works either way . So cute!

  2. I am hoping to make another small version this weekend with pastry in the window and some flower garden. I am still looking for a little birdie print. I think I might have a print that have a little birdie. Than you so much!! It is actually not that scary! I will try the mirror image for next one as well! cheers to you, Kerry!


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