Tuesday, March 12, 2013

soft & sweet girls

 { front}

 {embroidery details: sweet french knots}


 { be a star}

 {simple closure}


 { time to sew }


 {be loving}

 { you and me}

 { lining}

 { never say not to french knots}


{Thank you} for the sweet comments on the { about hand-quilting post}. It has been fun to put up a informative post and to share with you. Thanks to S for taking majority of photos that have my hands in them. She did a great job for captured the movement! I'll for sure ask for her to take a photo of how I wear my thimble and update the post.  

As you know that I have been into soft tone and pink lately! Maybe is the time of the year, I am ready to see colors other than brown. I have had an idea of making a set of kin-cha-ku aka {drawstring bag}. Alike the ones that I made for {S }and {myself}. The little lamb drawing done by S that near by my sewing space allowed me to start this new set of patchwork. 

I have something soft, sweet, and woolie.. a bit of spring colors in mind! I used back-stitches for the lamb contour lines then added French Knots for the fur. The floss  I used was DMC 100% cotton and used either 2,4, and 6 flosses for the fur, French knots, so that make the lambs' looks more fun and the texture is really nice! The embroidery has added great texture on and makes it more unique in the way.
The inside is lined with 100% cotton without fusible interfacing.

For the bigger drawstring bag, I added message {be loving} above the lamb. For the small drawstring bag, the message is { be a star}. For sure, the designed was original set as a mother and daughter matchy bags. When S was much littler, I would try to find clothes that match, shoes that match together, still up today I still try to do so! make so! I love how her {kin-cha-ku} and {mine}are matchy. Her Mr. Rocky is always stuffed things and my Mr. Rocky is always stuffed with sewing related items. These two lambie girls for sure is sweet and soft. They both have added to the {shop}



  1. The really are lovely, and the French knots work beautifully.

  2. These look so soft and pretty. Beautiful work again

  3. Beautiful!!!! i like it too much... congratulations!

  4. ooooh, these are absolutely beautiful, Chase.

  5. These are so lovely Chase. I love the soft pink colors.

  6. those little lamb are just the cutest things I have seen. So soft and so pretty

  7. These are not only very pretty but beautifully photographed too!


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