Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring forward: Weekending

 {small feet, big shoes}

 {spring time=icicle season}

 {never give up colors}

 { she is here; meet miss Meggie rabbit}

 { almost black and white}

 {simple prints}

 {remain stash from last week, the week before last week and sew on..}

 {bet you have a stash like this... }

 {the hope is to clean the top, but the result, it didn't happen}

 { decision making}

 { S, the ukelele player.. first completed song, Celementine}

Happy Spring~  

Fingers are crossed for Spring season that's around the corner!  No matter how much we loved cozy sweaters, woolie socks, layers of quilt, cozy afternoon tea times, and toasty kitchen when oven is in action. All the winter lovelies are start turning to antsy going out and about. 

There's a new wish list that have been created lately... "when is the spring coming?  I would like to go out more, mama. Take walks around the neighborhood. Can we do that when spring comes? The bike might be too small for me. Maybe I need a bigger size, is that ok? ". oh, miss S is ready for the spring and asking if her spring outfits still fit on her, since her had { the BIG girl birthday}.  She is looking forward being outside without heavy coat on and perhaps join the puddle for some fun; same am I.

S and I decided to start our {weekending} on Fridays instead of Saturdays. We felt that Friday when we get home we could take our time to visit with each other, not need  rush to finish tasks, dinner and movie in the cozy couch and even push the bed time a little late. Enjoy the days off and rest well for the new week that's coming upon. 

Do you know {Miss Meggie Rabbit}?  She is here and ready for me to turn her into life! I felt instant attached the miss Meggie when {Alicia} shared with her creating process. The kit arrived yesterday and  it feels like open a late Christmas present.  I look around the room and see fabric piles everywhere, there isn't much room since stashes haven't been put back and reorganized.  I think it would be great if that the back of the space is twice wider, but by the time I will wish another  "twice wider" space. Fabrics will keep growing and not going away. The sorting process never stops..

Are you still work in progress { Framer's wife sample blocks}? There's a difficult decision to make... should I complete all the blocks or stop where I am now. It might not be the priority decision making, but every time when I saw the block stack, I take them out and reminded myself that I haven't work on this project for a long time. Slowly I put them back in the package and hope that I will get around it soon. It has been almost 2 years project and the goal is a king size. This quilt will be a wall quilt when it is completed.  I could see lots fabric choose that have been changed throughout last two years.

Tonight we'll forward our clocks and be ready to wake up in Spring hours tomorrow.  It might seem the bedtime is shorten, but the days will get longer and brighter! I still confused why forward and backward the clock since I lived in states. It is hard to explain to my mom the 14 hours different in the winter season and 13 hours different in spring season.  Now what she understands is not to call to late in the winter time and not to call too early in the spring time, so we can catch her phone call

This weekending is a bit special to S and we are heading out in a moment. A lovely {weekending} just stated at {1/4" mark house}....



  1. I love your blog, it is always such a pleasant read. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us. Smiles from South Africa :)

  2. I am with you on spring, get here already! I also have about 34 blocks of farmers wife done and don't know what to do with them....maybe a small quilt.

  3. I've never understood why we change time either. Tell your mom she's not alone. I hope you and S have a wonderful weekend
    I stopped farmers wife blocks at around 25. I got bored. Maybe I should take them out again.

  4. I love all your stash piles :) where is the rainbow stuff from?

  5. Your stash piles are all delicious. I'm with you on Spring--I'm ready to open the windows and let the fresh breeze blow through the house.

  6. I love Alicia's Miss Meggie rabbit kit, I was so tempted but hard to justify with cost of mailing and tax to UK, might have to download the PDF instead. I hope the snow goes soon, more due here but we wont get icicles like yours!

  7. Oh, I definitely need black and white stash! :) Have a lovely spring days! :) Jolana


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