Friday, March 8, 2013

Scrappy Patchwork Zippered Pouch

 { zakka zipper}


 { metal zipper gives very clean finish look}

 { lining}

 { roomy for all the sewing supplies}

{ scraps, scraps, scraps}

Can you tell that I have been playing scraps lately?  Sometimes, when we get home from school. S works on her school assignment or practices her music I would start sewing and randomly pick a small scrap piece then join with another pieces. The playtime is about 10-15 minutes or longer. Sometimes, the determination is see the bottom of the scrap bowl, { that means late dinner time}. Then these bigger joined pieces are likely to be set aside while I begin to think.... what to make? 

The scrappy patchwork is quilted on 100% cotton batting. I have found the pouches that quilted on the cotton batting gives a very nice sturdy weight and texture. The {quilt as you go method} added extra firm weight to hold the patchwork and batting together.  

The pouch's lining fabric is not fused to the fusible interfacing. The projects that I use fusible interfacing is when adding inner pockets to the bags. I found fusing the interfacing to the lining fabric helps to hold the inner pockets up and keeps in better condition after many times of use. 

The zakka metal zipper are really cute! Downside is when using a metal zipper needs to be pretty precious on the width of the project. In the past, I have accidentally broke sewing machine needle due to too close to the zipper ends and the needle tip flew to my face. The metal zipper always give a nice and clean cut look. The little house is super cute! The finished dimension for the pouch is 6"x9". I added it to the {shop} sold

Indeed, I must commit that my obsession of scrappy patchwork hasn't stop! I try not to let it grow too fast and wild, so I can have other time to play the real stash and join lots fun quiltalong projects.  



  1. so beautiful, who knows that scrappy fabrics can become such a lovely stuff. Good work, Chase.. and I love the zipper attach. too

  2. I love the scrappy pouch. I'm in the middle of sorting out all my scraps so I'm keeping a lot of scrappy projects in mind.

  3. So beautiful Chase. Scrappy projects are my favorite and I always enjoy looking at yours.

  4. These are so cute chase. Did you do these qayg style?

  5. I just love the scrappiness!! I want to do that. I love the metal zippers. My daughter works for a costume shop for a theater group and had tons of metal zippers they no longer use, and she gave me a big bagful in all sizes and colors. Yipeeeee. I love the charm on the zipper pull, too. I love your header photo on the blog. Makes me want to sit down and start stitching. Love your blog

  6. I love the mix of fabrics and how they all seem to work together. What a perfect scrappy pouch :-)

  7. Wow!!! Just great!!! I really love it and you still inspire me. Thank you!!! Have a great weekend, Jolana

  8. it's all darling. . . just plain cute. Where'd you find the zipper pull?

  9. lovely pouch. I love using scraps as well. I have been sewing cotton mask during the pendamic and I have accumulated lots of scraps so I started psewing them together. it's wonderful feeling.


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