Monday, March 4, 2013

Random: Monday

 { keep it simple: single girl quilt}

{going crazy!}

Almost wordless Monday~ Snow day in N.D. madly now that just hurt the feeling of Spring might be coming thought! Perhaps it is coming, but just trying to tease us a bit extra more! 



  1. oh, no!!! snow day in March?!?! nasty! Hope it gets warmer soon. Once again, your projects look beautiful. Are you doing embroidery on your Single Girl? How are you planning on quilting it?

  2. Your progress shots look great!

    I got my little dumpling and needlebook arrived on Saturday and I love them! Thank you so much Chase :)

  3. Oh no! more snow... try to stay warm. In California Spring is full swing alreay. Sending you warm wishes. I love your progress.

  4. Hi Chase
    Just popping in to say hi. I have not been commenting regularly because I have been so sick with the flu. But, I am keeping up with reading and you are as always, working on some beautiful projects. I hope spring comes soon to you and warm sunshine will fill your days soon.

  5. we still have snow here in Midwest! eeeww.. almost spring but the weather just bad. I love the way you do handstiching, how do you wrote the word is? using a pencil marker?

    1. I used B-gone pen to do the writing on the fabric. After finish the embroidery spray water on the b-gone pen marks. It takes no minutes to fade away the writing. Remember DO NOT iron it before spray the water or it will make it the writing marking.


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