Saturday, March 23, 2013


 { playing stash}

 { two quilts ready to get machine quilt}

 {S, the reader}

 {3p.m. tea time}

 { when is spring coming?}

 { toss fabric together, mix by two hands}

 { sew, i really miss sewing}

{ my sister asked to buy these books for her students}

{Thank you. Thank you. Thank you} all your welcome words, comments, and emails. They are so encouraging and sweet! Thank you threw a big welcome party here at 1/4" mark. I can't tell you enough how relief I feel since I came home! It really is a feeling of settle and completed!

Poor S was home all day on Thursday. She had watery eyes, stuffed nose, and bad caught. On Friday, she was all better and asked if she can returned to school. We had our March lunch date at her school lunchroom on Friday. She was glad I could make it! S' teacher was glad that I am home and safe! She gave me a big hand shake and congratulated me. I received so many hugs and hand shakes from my professors and fellow colleagues. They were all worried about the weather condition and how did it go!  {i might have repeated the same story x times}.

As we woke up this morning, we both agreed taking a slow day is needed! S attended her music performance this morning then a trip to the local library. S brought more books home with her and I got movies for myself. Tonight would be movie and dinner weekending... 

Our tea time is also back! Today we are having mango black tea with chocolate. S is having her new books to read and I am playing fabric as I miss it so much! As I was packing last Sunday, I also bought my sewing machine and sewing tool boxes with me. Of course, everything was packed in a hurry, so I left the pile of fabric on the table didn't bring with me. duhh..

It feels like more sleep is needed, but we are resting and getting our normal days back!  Two quilts will need to be finished in less than 2 weeks, so I will get busy myself.  S is not totally recovered, but she is spending her time in the room with me and chat a little. 

It is a very sunny day here in ND, but the temperature is in the low 20's. Please send us more sunny days and warm temperature... 

The weekending in {1/4" mark house} is quiet, but lovely... as we are together and sharing bits of this and that~


  1. Oh, I wish you and S were here in San Diego, spending the weekend with us in the sun! Glad you're able to have some quiet time together after all the excitement of the past week. Happy, too, that you're able to take some time to sew! We, your blog readers, love to see what you're creating!

  2. Lovely time you are having, playing with fabrics, reading books.. Sounds very peaceful, the only thing is missing - warmer weather!

  3. Mmmm... looks like a lovely way to spend a cold wintery Spring weekend. It's been sunny here, but still with cold temps - so if I sent you some of our sunshine, I don't know that it would melt your snow. ;o)

    PS. I've started my Single Girl blocks... and now I'm dreaming what fabrics to make the next one in... lol

  4. I love your tea time! :) Have a great time hope with spring time soon :) J.


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