Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random: Wednesday

 { quilt for Peter}

 { quilt for Chase}

 { if I have four hands}

 {oh... }

 {sunlight this morning... }

 { her space}

{my space}


Peter's quilt is close to finish. I have the binding left to finish up. This quilt was originally planned smallish lap quilt, but I made it bigger. It is always a challenge to machine quilt a larger quilt, but I love the speed that went on it. The quilting pattern is simple large puzzle pattern since I didn't think the loops would fit Peter well.  Today would the time to look for the right biding for it; i am thinking yellows. 

Each week, I spend a little time on the log cabin quilt. It is coming pretty close to the end of hand-quilting, but whenever I lay it flat and check on the quilting I always found something is missing. Sadly, I won't have it finish by March, but April is my goal to finish all 4 quilts that's unfinished. 

Sometimes, there are projects get left out focus as I move to new projects. The stamp quilt is not in any progress for a long time.  It will put away soon and start again when we get settle.  I love how the randomness of the colors that match together. Maybe it will take another few years to have this quilt ready. I still plan on adding more fabric to the stamp box where I keep all the pieces together. 

The mornings start get so  much nicer here. I heard the birds sang this morning and yesterday as well. The sun lite up the room earlier and I was able to capture it as I sit in the room. S has asked me this morning, when is spring coming? I told her, Spring is here, but spring is a bit shy to show up...  She is ready for a little spring break somewhere... yes, she helped to plan out our mini get away.. when to wake up, when to leave home, when to eat, where to eat, how much time I can spend in the fabric store...  yes.. and a big note to mama{ check the stove before we leave}. 

{Summerish} dishes has be requested lately. Lots fruits and just homemade burgers. We were able to find some spring veggies available in the store. Hope we'll be able to have some sweet corns in the cob soon.  



  1. The quilts look fantastic, what patience you have. Spring is very late here too. More snow this morning, but it's not too bad.

    1. Spring snow seems more romantic. I always enjoy walking in spring snow.. a must is holding a cup of coffee..:)

  2. ooh wow, your fabrics piles are getting tall and tall LOL - well done mama, make yourself note when must to go to fabric store, who know we meet overthere. *who is Peter ? sssh.. did I sound too annoying ? LOL well, don't blame on me you always mention Stella .. right..

    1. He is our family friend who turned 60's last year. The family is coming in a week, so I need to have two of their quilts ready. I am done to one. :)

  3. Everything looks wonderful. I love all your fabrics. Yummy!

    1. The one big problem is I need to get few more container for the fabrics. It is hard to self control on this part. :")

  4. Those are such gorgeous pictures -- I love scrappy quilts!


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