Monday, June 4, 2012

Update: quarter inch mark shop

I have been working on these charm packs for awhile now!  I have added some of fun fabrics in each charm pack, so each charm pack is different. They are all designer prints and Japanese prints put together.  It is great for make a summer patchwork quilt for little boys or little girls or yourself.  For any beginning quilters it is great to start out simple patchwork making. If you make a patchwork quilt from this charm pack. It will be 36"x45".

You will need other supplies for making a baby quilt:
1 and 1/4 yard of backing
1 and 1/3 yard of batting
5 strips of 2.5" width for the binding.
It is also great for making patchwork totes/ placemat/ zakka making for your home! It is $8.50 per a charm pack and have listed in the shop! You will be able to see what prints comes with the charm pack on the second image of the listing.

As you know that I have been reorganizing my sewing space and went through my stashes lately. I am ready to apart these Heather Ross' Medocino fabric. I have not listed in my shop. If you are interested you can email/ leave a comment and we can work through paypal with payments.  I have also listed some more destash prints today! You will see more destash coming this summer as I have been more interested in retro and small prints lately. Storage space is limited in our 640 square feet apartment and we sure need a little room for other things.

Here are the prices for each print and shipping costs. Any prints that's not sold will go to my etsy and will sold as one listing and will not sold in separated print.

 print #        price                             U.S. shipping      World Wide shipping
1. 21"x28"   $ 6.50                            $ 1.80                 $ 3.00   {sold}
2.16"x44"    $ 18.00                          $ 2.50                 $ 3.75
3. 18"x44" {1/2 yard}  $ 20.00         $ 2.75                  $ 3.75
4. 18"x44" {1/2 yard}  $ 20.00         $ 2.75                  $3.75
5. 34"x44"   $ 28                               $ 3.50                 $4.25
6. 15"x44"   $ 17.00                          $2.50                  $ 3.75
7. 16"x44"   $ 17.00                         $ 2.50                  $3.75

I'd be happy to make a combine shipping for you if you purchase more than one print and will refund you any additional shipping cost after shipping via paypal.


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