Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random: Distraction

Summer break gives us excuses for everything! From late bedtime to long sewing hours and more! I don't see the excuses ended until school starts again. Before summer break started I made plans for S and she is running  her summer daily schedule nicely, but have missed a few things... sometimes she gets *distracted* if there's something in her mind that she must DO.. 

Our friend in town has gone for summer vacation and we are cat/ house sitting for her! It has been fun for S and myself!!The friend has a great garden and tons veggies are available to pick and she asked me to pick anything that's ready to be pick or they will go waste! Fresh lettuces for dinner? Fresh herbs for cooking? Nothing better than fresh veggies from the garden. Her cat- Shony is a lovely cat!! He is a cute/ gentle cat!! Stella has asked if I could made a fishy for Shony last couple of days.  Of course, I said yes! But while in the middle of sewing and everything else, I replied later. later, later...  Today she asked me again and again and I got distracted by her asking the same questions over and over.  I stopped everything that I was doing then went look for fabrics to make a fishy. I found the last piece of patchwork piece that I made last then turn it into a cat toy!! S was happy and play with it after I finished it! When she hung the fishy on her neck I though that was just too cute on her!! I think I could make a little puppy for her to play for the summer. 

Are you having hard time to fix dinner meals during the summer time? I do! I am having terrible time making summer supper here! The weather is not good for a pot of  hot soup or any heavy dishes! Sandwiches were good for a few lunch meals then it gets old on the menu. Salad never gets old on me, but not for S! While making the patchwork sampler. I can't stop thinking what to make for lunch and dinner! I boiled half doze of egg today then save them back to the same egg container, but added { ready to eat}note. Hoping S might be interest in the hard boiled eggs?? 

The patchwork sampler is coming! I made 7 alphabets today and also did more math on the piece. I think it is a bit overwhelm to look at these numbers together. I keep a graphic paper book for many years now. I always put down idea of blocks/ quilts on this book. It is great of keep information on one book. As I look back in 2007, the quilt designs that I attempted were very traditional. The fabric colors schemes also have changed one me.

As you have noticed , lately I have been making patchwork zippered pouches for families and friends, but myself. I though I'd take a few hours in the afternoon and make myself a new zippered pouch! I was under estimated the time that I needed. I redo the binding and zipper twice before I was happy with the outcome. After I finished this zippered pouch was already late!

It is a semi-distracted day here...Now I am sitting here and writing this post and review my day. I think I  had many projects accomplished! I was happy to get  S' fishy done for Shony today. She liked the hard boiled egg and hope she will keep like them. Made 7 blocks and cut down and label all the squares I need for the patchwork sampler. Best of all, I finish a little zippered pouch for myself!  I shall cross out my title Distraction to Satisfactions!



  1. Chase, you have so much fun sewing going on! So glad you have time to make a zippered pouch for yourself! I got mine from your giveaway yesterday, and i LOVE it SO MUCH! Thank you, I will always treasure it. The fabric and buttons are so cute to! I had a big smile on my face all yesterday evening!

  2. Nice momma making S the fishy. Maybe you could do a whole barnyard of animals for her - ha! Good idea on marking the egg carton. Will stop my hubs from asking me, "which eggs are cooked?" :-)


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