Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random: Weekending

The week went fast and I  we have lots accomplishments! No to mention crazy raindrop days and some great gatherings with friends. It is truly a blessed week and great time to work with S over last couple of days. We basted the new quilt together { I will talk more about this quilt later}. She learned  some new terms in quilting and she asked many fun questions that I would never though of. I enjoy the time that we spent together! {Some of the pins didn't get through three layers as I was quilting, but it didn't really bother much}.

Summer meals are hard to prepared.  Sandwiches are "no! no!" and leftovers are " not again!". I started to cook smaller amount of food each day, so we can have fresh food for each meal and it has been much better. Do you love curry rice? It is one of quick and simple food to make and S always ask for more.

We had chance to visit our friend's garden again yesterday. The flowers don't smell much, but I love how tiny they are and they bring some colors to our kitchen table. Fresh herbs for cooking and tea.  Have you try fresh mint with your summer tea? It is delicious! It is actually my favorite drink now! I prefer the raspberry tea than anything!

My fabric finally arrived! I had a little trouble with the fabric company. As you can see, I am collecting gray prints ! These prints are just simple and soft. They are different from the rich and retro colors that I have in the stashes.  My plan is getting a good range of color schemes in the stash. I am lacked of brown, purple, green, and red. It will take some time to build up, but I am glad I have notice it earlier when I was organizing fabrics. Another lucky found was the wire basket! I am obsess about these wire baskets lately.

 YES! quilting....

I just love this! We visited the local farmer market this morning and ran into our friends. We sat down in the near by coffee shop and had coffee. S asked Jess { one of the friends} if she knows how to write in cursive. Jess pulled out this envelop for S then taught her some cursive writing. S has been {wanting} to learn how to write in cursive, but I told her to wait until the teacher teaches her in school. It seems like cursive is a grown up thing to do and she just can't wait!! Do you remember the first time you work on your cursive writing?? My first cursive lesson was in middle school. We had to do a-z connected together.  I am not very good writing in cursive that's why I hesitated to teach S. 

These fingers have grown longer and stronger! Each song she plays has a story to go with and these firm fingers dance on those keys everyday. I try to be the best audience each day. I give applause and compromises how much the music pieces improved,  yet I am also a picky audience if she is not fully working on her songs.
A new quilt is born and waiting to be bound and snuggled with. I tried the new quilting patten and will talk more about this quilt when I finish binding!  It seems like it is going to rain soon! The air is really heavy and humidity level is high! The fan is kicking, but didn't really cool off much. Some cool raspberry tea and fresh mint might help..



  1. What beautiful pictures Chase! Your curry rice looks delicious and light and Stella's note is the sweetest thing!

    1. Thanks, Kerry! I love Stella's note as well! I plan to print out this photo and put it in her side of the room, so she can remember her first try. Nice weather here and I am thinking about a trip to berry farm soon.

  2. oh, lovely pictures, it seems like you had a wonderful weekend. Love your new quilts and that gorgeous fabric. I should start being more intentional with my stash building, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thanks! I intended to buy what I like, but not work around with the stashes. Once in awhile, I pull all my fabric out and just refold them. That helps me to see my stash. Weekend is great! Weekend is all about resting and hanging out with S. Hope you have great weekend as well!

  3. Love all your pictures, too! I think you have a great way of sharing your weekend with us through your pictures.
    The two quilts looks so pretty. Can't wait to see (both of them) the pictures, later...
    ; )


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