Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random: from the beginning

{J`Adore Stella Paris  by dear stella}

{thank you. thank you} for sweet comments on the {patchwork wallet} and { the impossible quilt} again!  You made my heart dancing around and smiling all day long!  It has been a long, but fabulous day here! Finally, I went through the critique with my professor. It was long, but worth every minutes of it. If you wondered what a critique means to a MFA student. I would tell you, it can make you smile for a long time or tears dropping right in the crit. I have had both! I must defense my artworks and give reasons why I made the decisions or what's the concepts behind each little elements. I am glad it went well! I had moment of nerve as always, but I hold it as tight as I can. I provided all the information and answered all the questions. I really felt tried after I got home. I couldn't do any sewing today. I need a break! A break to recap all the crit. information and a little thinking break for my next project.  I have been seeing these J'Adore Stella Paris around. Finally I got some prints and loving them all! These are soft texture. I really like the birds and cages. It will be a great print for fussy cuts.

 After we got home! We both had fresh juice and some snack. I started to pull out fabrics for next quilt. I have been getting gray, mute prints lately and they have just arrived this week. These will pair well with rich and retro prints. I haven't decided on the quilt pattern. I am thinking a log cabin pattern.

I have been cooking everyday for every dinner meal! We were able to finish everything! No leftovers! S have agreed sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, but I promised her a fresh dinner meal for each night! We have been eating veggies everyday and I must admitted it was hard to get her to eat the celery and sweet peppers.

 A little bit of olive oil and mixed veggies and pinch of salt! very delicious!

 Our dill is one of very few plants survived!  I am waiting it to bloom!

The fabric finally arrived. I will be able baste the {patchwork sampler} and begin with the hand-quilting process. It will take me a little while to finish it.  I plan on write up a tutorial soon, but it might be another week or so.



  1. tempted by your lovely new fabrics, delicious-looking food, and wonderful patchwork sampler!

    1. Thank you, Jodi!! The new fabrics were on sale, so I was able to get some! My newest muted print love!! x

  2. I have the exact same Dear Stella prints!! I can't wait to see what you do with yours. I haven't decided yet. Maybe a cross quilt? I love the soft grays, so pretty.
    I'll check back and see how your hexi project turns out. Looks like fun!!

    1. Yay!! Aren't they classic? I love the map print so much!! I want to make new passport cover with that print or maybe a bag. It will go well with quilts. Cross quilt sounds so good!! I wanted to make one for myself, but I think it won't be anytime soon. Hexies are done with the paper piecing part now and I will follow up with few more updates. xChase


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