Saturday, June 9, 2012

Randome: w.i.p

After cutting for patchwork sampler I have save all the pieces and make them into a little patchwork piece. These retro prints are what I am all about lately! Thanks to friends who swapped their fabric with me, so I can have a small retro stash now, but I wish MORE! :)

The patchwork sampler is coming together. Spent majority of the time working on these little squares { 1.5X1.5"} for last two days. Thank you, Paula! I used most of the prints you sent to me! I love how these turns out!! I am a bit greedy to wish I have more mini tea cup prints, but I am happy the piece I received. :)  I plan on hand quilting the sampler, but not sure the quilting pattern. I might stay straight lines again. Do you have any suggestions for me?

When I first start making clothes I never pre-wash the fabric. After I pull the clothes that I made  from the washer/ dryer they would shrunk down one or two sizes. Later on,  I started pre-wash  fabric for clothes making. One thing that I learned is to use my overlock machine and go over the fabric edges. It prevents any threads caught in the washer and give clean look when pull out from the washer/dyer. The process might required extra 30 minutes, but it is worth the time and effort!  If you don't have a overlock machine, you can use zig-zag from your sewing machine as well.  After I pull fabric out from the dyer I would press the fabric again, just make it nice for cutting.

Three new tops pieces are cut and ready to assemble! They are all from the same pattern, as S told me that's her favorite top since I made her since  last year and I also made the same pattern in dress.  I stay busy during the day and finding times to play with S. We plan on biking to local farmer's market and also do some more sewing here.I will be quiet for next few days and wish you have a great weekend and have fun sewing as well!!


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  1. Thank you, Paula!! I love all the prints you sent!! I am waiting some other fabric to come, so I can finish up the patchwork sampler! It is crazy that I am always waiting new fabric to arrive my mail box!! xChase


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