Monday, June 4, 2012

Random: Quilt for J

The weekend surely went fast and productive! Finished the quilt for J and bound another two quilts. We enjoyed bike rides as the weather was beautiful through out the weekend and best of all we grill out with friends! Play games and Stella worn out when we got home!! I spent the night bound quilts and getting some new ideas.  So something new for me! I wondered how many of you sign your quilts or label your quilts? There was only one quilt that I embroidered with my hand writing on  for Stella's quilt. After that I don't bother to sign/label quilts I made. However, a few weeks ago I was inspired by Alicia's quilt when I visited her blog. Her simple cross stitch on the quilt was just eye catchy and blended well with the quilt. 

I have some graphic paper fabric I got two years ago. It is prefect to start out the cross stitch. This is also my very first cross stitch try out! I never done this before,but I really love how simple to follow the small graphic boxes and count the boxes in between. Made a few mistakes, but it turns out better than I think . Here I cross stitch J's name, month and year, and made by C & S.

I don't have any cross stitch fonts in my computer, so I went research and look for the font. Here is the one and this one I found. You can simply download the font then drag it into your font folder in the computer.  It gives the quilt a handmade look and special touch with the receiver's name and giver's name/initials.

Do you like sandwiching your quilt? After many times of pressing I got all seams open up and ready for batting to go on top!

 How about sitting on quilt safety pins?

After pinning and trim off the extra batting it is ready to be quilted!

It took roughly about 4 hours straight on the same chair and two movies.  The quilting pattern is really simple. I use the loops in lines for this quilt! I have been using overall free motion quilting { puzzles, loops allover, straight lines}. This time was simplify.  I plan on print out some process images and make them into a book/album for her as well. Hope it will be extra special for her.

 I like how the pink and green work together! I think it is romantic combination!

 I hope she will love it!

Do you like hand-binding? Again my favorite part of quilting process. It takes another few hours to bind and I like to made sure each part is working well.  I used leftover fabric and made scrap binding.

 Backing is simple! I picked out my favorite prints. The labels became part of the backing.. {BIG}

This is the first quilt I made within a month. Thank to the summer break, so I can concentrate on making this quilt happen and bring it to her soon!

 Hope after a gentle wash the pencil marks will disappear! I plan on to sign my quilts now on and use the cross stitch method. There are many quilts that I made and don't remember when I made them.  Blog helps me to recall when I started making them or finishing them, but there's no actual information on the quilts. I like how this quilt signature turns out and I know in the year to come. J and I will remember when I made this quilt and we will be able to talk about it......


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  1. This quilt is so beautiful!!! Love the colors and the label is both pretty and clever. I really would love to make something like this myself. Your friend is a very lucky lady!!


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