Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random: Make it work together

We tried a new drink receipt and it was delicious. Fresh lemon and lime juice and added some fresh mint from out little garden. It is fresh and sweet! Replaced the regular sugar and substituted with local farmer's honey. mmm.... We need some more of this drink for the incoming hot weather!

My revisited of the Farmer Wife Quilt Along was great. It is always fun and challenge for me. Sometimes, I try to go outside the box and do some odd color matching, but not always success!  I look at this project as a project that allows me to play with colors and go outside with my comfort zone. Are you done with yours? 

30's reproduction prints are getting pieced together!! I plan on making this into a picnic quilt instead. Our two picnic quilts were made few years back and both were pretty beat up! It will be great that we can take this quilt with us when we go on trip next time.

S shows more interest in sewing and even embroidery again. I drew some simple lines for her to follow, so she can practice the stitches before she hop on the mini quilt that we are working together.
Took a few hours and finished one side of the mini quilt embroidery. I tried not to alter S' drawing much and stay with the images she drew. They are small. She asked to fill in with the flowers. I am loving my needlebook and mini pincushion. Now I can find my needles and they are in the same place and I know where I can find them!! 

 This is the barn and farm house that we will be living in someday.....  I love the doors and windows...

These colors are the new matches for me.  The little rose buds print brings two other prints together well nicely!

Fresh veggies from friend's garden. Nothing better than these fresh veggies!  Strawberries are so sweet.We have been picking these veggies everyday when we go check on Shoney. It has been fun and the weather has been cool off! 

I shall take off from here and running my morning errands! 


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