Sunday, May 19, 2013


{ stash}

 { found a perfect size box to store all the sewing tools for the trip}

 { basket almost empty}

 { Another box was found for the layer cakes, 
 Farmer's wife Sample blocks, 
stamp blocks, 
nd hourglass blocks}

 { sewing keeps everything going faster}

 { NEVER too many drawstring bags}

 { nearly empty}

{ Spring in ND}

A long spring walk was needed for S and I. We took a long walk yesterday afternoon before the storm came. The sky is grayish, but the tree buds are out and the spring is official here in ND.  We walked around the regular summer walk route and farewell to the houses that we loved and streets that we enjoyed.  It has been raining everyday and it makes everything cleaner and I am so glad that we will be able to see some greens before we head out.

The weather has been comfortable while packing away.  The University Ave is start looking fresh and bright with all the greens on the tree.  The main road we take to stores and S' school is under major construction now, so we have been taking detour road around the city.  It seems like we are visiting the city for the last few weeks that we are here. We drove by new neighborhoods that we normally don't pass by and discovered a little this and that. 

So many items are boxed up and ready to move into the truck! My slightly fear that maybe I will need to give up some items, but we'll see about that. It might be just me being so anxious and worry at the same time. 

We have so many drawstring bags that I made throughout the year that we've been traveling. They are perfect for everything and we need more! The plan is to make a few more for the shoes and a bigger size for laundry during the trip in next few days.

S and I have been enjoying our last weekending here and busy with a little more packing and cleaning. A week from today yesterday we hit the road. Many many { Thank you} for all your comments from last posts. All the best lucks are being collected and we'll take all the well wishes on our journey that is coming so soon!
I have just sign up for instagram and you can find me under {quarterinchmark}. I have a few posts there and see you soon~



  1. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to a place you have lived. I hope all of your final packing goes well. The next adventure is so close now, you must both be so excited. Good luck!

  2. Good luck on the next stage of your life. I wish I would have found your blog sooner as I am from Grand Forks. Hope you will keep blogging as I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. the time is going fast and soon you will be off on your great adventure. Those drawstring bags will come in handy for all your precious cargo.

  4. I do love my drawstring bags too! You never can have enough. Good luck to you and your daughter and be sure to let us know when you land in your new place!

  5. Hi Chase,
    I hope you and your daughter have made it safely to your new home
    Were you able to sew while flying? Did you bring small scissors or
    a thread cutter? What did you work on while traveling?
    I just love my two zipper pouches that I recently purchased from you on Etsy!!!
    And the little pin cushion, so sweet, was such a nice surprise!!!!
    Thank you SEW much! Your work is so lovely, pure perfection!!!
    Where did you purchase your zippers? I would love to know!
    By the way, I sent you a convo on Etsy -- are you able to receive and read
    convos sent to you on Etsy? I also left wonderful feed back for you!
    I hope to hear from you soon! And again, I hope you and S are doing well
    and settling in nicely in your new home near your family!
    Warmly, Kathy

  6. Been thinking of you Chase! Hope all is going great!


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