Thursday, May 16, 2013

To Boston with LOVE

 { to Boston with Love}

The week has been slightly overwhelmed with packing and repacking. The fact is " wow, we are moving all these boxes with us". Little by little and all will come together~   Have you read from { Amy at During Quiet time} about { To Boston with Love} project. It has been the project that I thought I'd wait till finish up packing then start working on.  Yesterday morning, I revisited her blog and found out the flag needs to arrive on May 21st. That isn't too far away! I get my hands in this project late last night.

While packing away the sewing room, I found so many old projects that were tucked away. The small 8-point star block with paper templates were zipped in a small zippered bag and also found the very first mini quilt that I made with the same pattern back in 2005.

The 8-point star is hand-pieced, but my memory on the hand-piecing is a little vague. I used the 8-point star symbolized that Massachusetts was one of the first 13 colonies joined the United States. Whenever, I see an American Flag,  I feel love and heart.

This Flag will be in the mail today and hope to make it on time. 



  1. beautiful! well done . . . all will love it!

  2. It's a sweet flag for a great cause. Boston is on my mind as I prepare to move back to MA in just a matter of weeks.


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