Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy mama's day

She has been busy like a spring bee. I have not been able to peek and check what she was up to last two weeks after school time. She spent some minutes outside..

She presented this very special gift to me this morning. She used found tree sticks to make a picture frame and made sure all the sticks are glued together, so they won't fall apart.  She made a very simple card for this frame. How I wish to hang this up for now on, but I found a little box for it. It will be safe and saved with all other items and wait for us to return. 

And in the other card she wrote:

my mom is good at many things, one thing she's best at is sewing bags and quilts big and small. 

Happy mama' Day 



  1. So sweet Chase! we had Mother's day here before Easter. I love the frame, definitely something to keep!

  2. That is very beautiful and special present! Her idea for the frame is fantastic! x Teje

  3. How wonderful, I love the fact that she did this all herself for you. You are blessed indeed. Hope you had a wonderful day, you certainly deserve it.

  4. Delightful. A homemade gift from the heart - the best sort.

  5. Your daughter knows you very well--you ARE good at sewing bags and quilts both big and small! And S is so creative and thoughtful! You are also good at making beautiful girls!
    Hope you two have a wonderful, special day together!

  6. Stella-you are talented just like your Mama!!

  7. What a beautiful card and frame!!!
    It will be wonderful for you to come back and unpack...but it is great you will have a picture of it on your blog to look at too!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  8. I have kept so many treasured gifts through the years that my boys made. With time, some do not hold up so well, but the written words are the best. I hope you had a wonderful relaxing mother's day. xoxo


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