Saturday, May 11, 2013


As of yesterday, May 10th I have finished my last school day . As of today, May 11th I have graduated from the university. It is amazing that the commitment I made three years ago have come to the end. It was hard to start with a new life in a new place when we first moved to ND.  I did not attended the commencement ceremony as today is S' last violin recital in her violin group. It is so much more important to give S her opportunity, since she has given her mama the greatest opportunity all this time.  We spent our morning at home in our favorite pants and planned our day then headed to the nursing home.

As always, S played beautifully even there were minor mistakes in the music notes. As a mama I am SO proud that she is getting the melody in her head and be confident as she went.  She has overcome her nerves on the stages and sharing her music with others.  Within last year and half she has moved from a 1/4 size violin to a 3/4 size violin.  She has gain so many positive gratitude in her life and more will come!

The {hourglass patchwork tote} is coming. It has not being forgotten! As you might know that I took another detour of Tova madness. Two match same Tova tops were made last few days.  S' travel bag is done! I made few adjustmentSs on her bag and got few material changes in the last minutes. She is loving it so much. She stuffed put her travel fund, notebook, pencil case and a camera in it and I think a book, too. As I was working on the tote, S was doing some trick to show me how she can hit a ball with her hand.. oh dear...

I did a little more experiment on the {hourglass block without marking}. This time, I took the extended sewing table away and taped the washi tape all the way down. It works! But the trick is must go slow! Let me know if this works for you if you don't have an extended sewing bed.

All is well! Thank you for all the kind and sweet messages!! Thank you for all the great supports! Friends, you really made today a bright and good day here~ 

Life is good, let's carry on~



  1. What a wonderful mother you are, good choice - and congratulations! I love how you describe S's performance and growth.
    Thank you also for trialling the tape no-marking method for those of us without an extended table. Looks like it should work well and also be helpful in maintaining a 1/4"sewing line for other quilting purposes.

  2. You are simply amazing! I am so impressed with all you have managed to accomplish in the past few years! I will be sad to see you leave the U.S. just when you became one of us, but I know that you will have a wonderful time with your family and friends in Taiwan. You deserve to be proud of yourself and the lovely little family that you have created!

  3. Hi!! I'm still following you! You do great in every way!! Thank you for shearing with us!! Anne k:-)

  4. Lots of fun things going on for both of you at the moment at this time in your lives . I love reading all about your achievements . Please tell S that I wish I could have heard her play too . All three of my children played instruments at school but now , no longer play ! I had to laugh at the photo with all your fabric in those clear boxes ! Very full boxes !

  5. Congratulations on your finishing your degree!!! And to S for being an accomplished young musician! I will get some washi tape from my daughter to try that, or maybe I will just use masking tape I already have. Thanks, Chase! And Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Congrats! Love the pictures of your weekend!

  7. Hi Chase

    Can you tell me what the fabric that Stella's top is made out of is? The one with the trees.
    I love your blog by the way! It is always the first one I check on my daily blog run, I live in Australia and am trying to start my own blog but I need some computer skills


  8. A lovely post, well done Chase in reaching the end of your course. Now on to the next adventure!

  9. Congratulations on both your achievements! I wish both of you the very best, you have earned it!


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