Monday, May 6, 2013

Random: Monday

A travel tote in process and a piece of cheese cake by my side! It has been a wonderful day in many ways.  Finally clothes are washed and folded. S asked this morning if I can handle all the laundry by the time when she gets home. I told her, that's what mama powers for.   

If I shared with what S read from her comments this morning would you not tell her? I am not allow to read her comments until she finished them. She feels fabulous this morning when she went to school. 
You all have made a great Monday for her and I, { thank you}.



  1. oooh, this is going to be such a fantastic tote bag. Looking forward to seeing it all finished.

  2. So nice pieces, Chase! It will be very nice tote :)
    Have a wonderful time, Jolana

  3. Looks adorable! Thank you for inspiration!

  4. lovely sewing Chase, I hope S feels wonderful when school is over too


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