Friday, May 3, 2013

Random: Sew many

In this transition of moving, the sewing projects are rather simple. Small projects are so much better  and still keep myself moving.  The last ironing board cover was made 5 years ago and it had a hole for a very long time. Finally I took a quick trip to the fabric store and got a piece of home deco fabric. She looks clean and sweet again and it is so much better pressing fabric.

Remember the {half triangles} sewing?  It is a lovely kin-cha-ku now. It is hand-quilted for the bag and this time I added handle on. It is a gift to a friend I hope she will like it.  The second set of half-triangle pieces are nearly ready to assemble together.

The wall in the sewing room is bare! The design board is down and giveaway to a friend here. These stamp blocks are press and ready to store away. They will be waiting for me to come back and continue working on them. I have added more 1.5"x1.5" squares in to the stamp box.

My Tova madness hasn't gone! I need some good space in the living room to work on the cutting. Hope I'll have a new tops to show you.


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  1. i need to make an ironing board cover, but first i want to make one of those bigger ironing surfaces that fits on top of the board.


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