Friday, May 10, 2013

Tutorial: Hourglass block without marking

Here is the tutorial to make { hourglass blocks without marking the fabric}. It is very accurate if you tape the washi tape/ masking tape straight and have the sewing machine set in 1/4" for seam allowance. This omit the drawing pencil lines on each square set and the process is quicker. I would recommend reduce sewing speed to half of your normal speed and avoid pulling fabric towards to you. Let the sewing machine take the fabric. It is similar method that I made for { double wedding ring quilt} by using washi tape/ masking tape as sewing guild line on the sewing machine. 

{ step 1 }

 {step 2}

 {step 3}

 {step 4}

 {step 5}

 {step 6}

 {step 7}

 {step 8}

 {step 9}

 {step 10}

 { step 11}

 { step 12}

 { step 13}

 {step 14}

 { step 15}

{step 16}

 { step 17}

 Enjoy hourglass blocks making~

Edit: as few of you comment that if the sewing machine doesn't have a extend sewing bed. Please try  tape all the way down the machine to the table top, as {jeifner} suggested! Let me know if that works for your machine.  


  1. Wow, Chase, that was quick! Already you did the tutorial, and I thank you very much. I hate drawing lines, and this makes it so much quicker. Your little hourglass blocks are so pretty. Thanks again for your time and effort.

  2. ouch..!! my sewing machine doesn't have the table like yours, :( too bad this method wont work for my machine.. *cross finger someone will buy Bernina for mother's day..

    1. Hah.. oh my god!! Fitri, I thought you have disappeared from Flickr. I have miss you from Flickr.. :) but you are here always~ :) duh to me!

      I think this method would work for most of sewing machines. If your sewing bed is smaller/ shorter you can try to extend the tape on the side of the sewing throat, not sure if I explain it well. Then you can sew slowly and follow the guild tape. Let me know, if I can be more helpful~ xx

  3. Cute blocks! I also do not have a bed attachment so if I'm sewing anything over two inches large the tape trick doesn't work for me either. Or maybe I could tape all the way down my machine to the table top.

  4. Great tutorial Chase! Now I need washi tape :)

  5. Lovely details. Doesn't seem to work so well without an add-on sewing table. Thanks for including which way to iron the seams to avoid too many lumpy bits.

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial!
    Love all the photos!

  7. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Now I just need to get a roll of masking/washi tape. Have a great weekend. ;)

  8. Thanks for this fantastic tutorial. I am learning so much from you, it has been really helpful.

  9. Chase, you are really master! Great tutorial :) Thanks for sharing. I like this pattern and I think I will try it really soon :)

    Have a great weekend, Jola

  10. I just adore your small hourglasses! Thank you for these tips and inspiration! x Teje

  11. What a great tutorial! No more stretching my fabric with a pencil! I love your work Chase.

  12. fantastic idea, Chase. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial.

  13. Thank you so much for the great tutorial ... I've linked to it in one of my blog posts of an hourglass quilt. Your work is so beautiful!


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