Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random: sew, the book club

...... {thank. you} for all the encouraging and well wishes! I read them to S and she looked at me in a happy face.  We are looking forward the trip and finally, the trip plan is all settled by the end of yesterday. We are holding new tickets without any mistakes on the tickets this time.  It feels very good to have the ticket ready and the traveling dates are not affected by any of the causes.

I'd love to show you what I found and what they transferred into.  As I go through my school studio I found some older projects that I started with in my graduate program. I did a series of numbering printmaking and was planning to collage textile on the print, but the idea fail apart. I have kept these embroidered numbers in the studio. Yesterday, I found them and took them home with me.

I wondered if you have nice bookmarks around when you read? S' bookmarks are pieces of salvages that I cut from sewing or zipper that can slip in her pages. Sometimes, she use scrap batting that I put in the recycle bowl. It has been a long over duty project; make bookmarks for S!

As our mini book club has just formed this past weekend. I made S two bookmarks and one for myself. They turn out really nice!  You may do any patchwork you like in the front and machine quilted on the batting. I used linen and cotton blended fabric for the backing to give extra firm texture.  S hasn't seen them as she was too busy this morning. Hope she discovered them later today.



  1. They are lovely Chase, what a great surprise for Stella when she finds them.

  2. These book marks are precious. I wish you the best on your new journey

  3. They are perfect! Love that you salvaged something from an old project. Those numbers are great on these!

  4. How creative you are, S will surely love them. So glad to hear your travel arrangements are all correct and ready for you. have a safe and fun journey.

  5. You are so creative Chase it's untrue. No it is true because you can and do do it.


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