Saturday, April 27, 2013


S spotted dandelions this morning and got me some. They are sitting by me as I work.  Last night, we cuddled in the single girl quilt as I bound off the quilt. It was lovely to sit so close and just talk { we have been cheering for this time that mama is listening and giving full attention to S}.  We talk a lot chat a lot on the weekending, anything!  Lately the conversations have been what can I pack? what can I bring? When are we leaving? Can we do this when we get there? Can I show Lucky some music? Can we take grandma and aunt out?   We try our best to list them out and I try my best to tell S,  No, we can't or yes, that's a great idea.

Mail carrier came around noon time and dropped few packages. Finally after many phone calls my naturalization certificate has returned from the passport center.  My heart sets calmer and think more positively! It has another great issue that I've working with. oh dear...

So, the new Tova fabric arrived! Do you think it is too dark?  It is light cotton wight with nice dotty texture on. I love it!  Really love it!!  I used to wear a lot black tops, but I try not to dress in black for many years now. My mom is a totally dress in black lady. That's why most of my clothes were black back then. It is the same print I used for the single girl. Hope S thinks it is a cool fabric and would love to have a matchy top together.

ND is so spring today! The breeze from the windows is just soft and gentle. Our music has been playing since this morning. S is reading her new book and I am working on some scrappy patchworks. Time  to put away the winter sweaters. S is asking for summer shirts and wondered if they fit her, since she had a birthday. It is always wonderful to see her grow few inches taller from last Spring. Hope enough green and blue for her.



  1. your fabric choices are always so perfect! i wish i had your sensibility. the black will make a lovely tova!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend with beginnings and love :)

  3. I love how S is always "perched" somewhere with a book! She is always on the edge of a couch or, like this picture, crouched on the steps concentrating so intently on her story! This is beautiful to see!
    Glad you had a wonderful, and Spring-y, weekend!

  4. Yes, I agree with the above response! I love to see your quilts or whatever you are working on, but I really love to see Miss Stella reading! She seems to always have a book in her hand. That was me at that age( and sometimes now too!) Can't wait to see your next Tova!

  5. Lovely black fabric and lovely sunshine. Your work space looks great, lucky you having room for all of your sewing. I have to share the dining room table for mine!


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