Monday, April 15, 2013

Random: Sew more snow!?

More snow for us! We have had over 6 inches snow overnight and more on its way! Spring snow somehow is so pretty! Maybe a little farewell to the winter and a little celebrating of spring summer will be here anytime.  The last Spring snow we had was 4 years ago when we were still lived in Iowa. I have missed the spring snow days when I went pick up S from Julie's house and got a big piece of homemade brownie and a cup of delicious coffee.

Right now,  it feels so rewarding to watch snow falling, drink tea { today is raspberry tea; sweet}, and clunk the sewing machine with new project I have had in mind for so long.  I can't recall when was the last time I play with half-triangles. It seems like very long time ago.  Now, I have all the time to sew and play and pack! I plan on making a bag and hope to have everything piece and ready to quilt soon! New projects are exciting! Of course a little scraps playing..

On our weekending, S has slowly going through her books and made pauses as she went. There are many great books that we have had read together when she was a wee baby and the books that sent in her birthdays. She sat and read to me!  I have going through S' drawings, school notes, and her outgrown clothes. It is the time I feel that this girl is growing so fast and so fun to be with as she grew older each day. All the winter and rainy boots are being saved! Someday when we settle in a small cottage home; I would like to use them for flower pots and past them to S when she move away.

How I love time to myself in Monday mornings... quiet, productive,relax, and best of all... I get to sew and watch a great movie..



  1. What a great way to spend your day. Happy Monday and have fun sewing!

  2. Pretty patchwork, Chase! Looks like a wonderful start to your week. Happy stitching. :o)

    We've been receiving some Spring snow, too. Several inches worth - but at least we know it will soon melt. Warmer weather must be on its way, right? ;o)

  3. I truly don't know how you can be upbeat about more snow!! Your Monday sounds fabulous. Yes they grow up really quickly, it's fun looking through old school projects and reports. Enjoy your triangles.

  4. I love snow, but don't know how I would do if I lived in it for very long. When we lived in Chicago for 4 years, we only had one big spring snow...April 3, 1975! I still remember it.

  5. And I thought it was cold here! Spring must be almost here now. I know what you mean about the quiet of a Monday morning, it is like nothing else. I always use it to get rid of the weekend's mud and mess and to restore a little order.


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