Sunday, April 28, 2013

Single Girl Quilt: keep it simple

 {photo by s.j.h.}

Thank you for waiting. Finally, my girl is out and about. She is a little shy in someway or she is just too busy to show up. This quilt started in {January, 2013} and finished in April 26th, 2013.  I had wished to finish this quilt earlier, but with all the other quilts on the table at that time, she got postponed. I intended to make this quilt to match {S' birthday quilt}, so we have something similar, but different.

Before we moved to ND, I did a road trip alone to look up school program and the possible place to live. Then I found out the university owns family housing with a reasonable price. On the same day of visit, I had a chance to look up the apartment. The total size of the apartment is 630 sq feet.  When I return, I decided to give up all our large furniture and beds. We moved what we need to ND. It took a little time to decided the arrangement of the rooms in the new space. We took a room and transferred to working/sewing/ reading/computer room then left the smaller room as a bedroom. We got two twin beds  and a smaller couch. Of course, we added more books, fabric, storage units within last three years.  S and I have lived like college roommate ever since. It has been a great experience for her to share a space with someone. Of course, there were time we both wish to have our own space, but we managed to be kind and sweet to each other.

Now three years later we are moving. We loved the home that we made in ND. It is small, but cozy! We loved having friends crush in our home and cuddle up with our quilts. We loved that the kitchen is too small for 5 people around and we would keep telling each other.. oh excuse me, let me pass to the living room.  We loved  how small our couch is , so everyone needs to make themselves so skinny to sit together.

Then there's a though for me to make a matchy quilts for S and I to remember the good roommate years that we spent together. We both agreed that we will need our own room in our next home even it is small. We might not need a living room, since we spent much of our time in the studio room at home.  So, we can be loud in our own room or a place to be ourselves.

For this single girl quilt, I used bright colors and off whites background. Many of the prints are used in {S' birthday quilt} as well. So that makes them alike, but different at the the same time.  On the left side of the quilt, I have embroidered some writing:

Keep it Simple 

be bold
be thankful
be quiet
be original
be spontaneous
be punctual
be a star
be young
be loving
be crazy
be loud
be random
be adorable
be unique
be daring
be obnoxous
                              March, 2013

A quilt to remember the isolating and struggling years in ND, but also years that we both have learned to be stronger and appreciate each other more. We learn to keep everything simple and enjoy the moments more. Simple joys throughout the days, weeks, months, and years.  Life with many handmade and imperfectness is part of life.

This quilt has been cuddled and loved since it finished. When we sat on the couch S would tell me, my quilt match to your quilt. I tell her, they are roomie quilts, roomie.  

About Quilt:

Quilt pattern: Single Girl by Denyse Schmidt
Quilting:         Bumble Bee Quilting
Quilt Size: Twin Size



  1. Lovely story of your last three years. Happiness and struggle - both remembered. Best wishes in your new home xo

  2. Such a sweet, sweet post, Chase. I hope you have so many more wonderful hours together in your new home!

  3. Oh, such a dear post, Chase! Your quilt is fantastic, and it's lovely that it's like S's, only different... Your post brought tears to my eyes. ♥♥♥

  4. This is so nicely written, Chase. Wonderful, you are so right to enjoy the moment. I will do that just at once too... We Föten forgot this, thanks for remembering...

  5. It's beautiful Chase, and your post is lovely too, thank you for sharing it.

  6. what a beautiful post about your 'roomie quilt' Chase, thank you so much for sharing your words and thoughts. Your quilt is so beautiful. I love that you've used lots of different neutral fabrics in the background - they create so much movement behind the gorgeous rings. Happy packing and moving and settling into your new home. Cat.

  7. What a wonderful post! Your quilt is beautiful and will be a tangible reminder of the close times--and space--you spent with your roomie. How lovely.

  8. Lovely story! So great you will have those wonderful memories from ND. :)

  9. What a touching post Chase. I hope that your new home and new quilt bring both of you many wonderful memories.

  10. I love your Single Girl quilt, Chase. What a beautiful reminder of the time spent as roomies with your sweet Stella.

  11. It is so perfect. A lovely keepsake.

  12. a beautiful story and an absolutely gorgeous quilt. New things are on the horizon for you two, but these memories will last forever!

  13. It is a beautiful quilt Chase and what a lovely post. Best wishes in your new adventures finding a new home is exciting.

  14. Loved your quilt and your story. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Best of luck on your move.

  15. that is absolutely beautiful. i love the embroidery and the sentiment behind it. enjoy all of those snuggles :)

  16. so, so very beautiful, Chase. It's absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!!!

  17. It's magnificent, what a stunner of a quilt. I loved your story too of your time in ND.

  18. What a gorgeous quilt!
    Lovely post and all the best with your move.

  19. Oh my, this is a beautiful Single Girl version!! I love all of the low volume backgrounds you've used here Chase. Well done!


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