Monday, April 22, 2013

Random: Monday

 {tova #2; photo by s.j.h.}

 { while sun shines, mama sews, S reads}

 {tova #3}

 { 100% linen, but i love it}

 {storing quilts}

 { need to make a pattern}

 { for S}

{tova #5}

Over the weekending, the sewing machine didn't stop much! It was clunking most of the time! Tova# 3 was born! It is lawn fabric which is silky in texture and super soft.  I have been looking for another lawn fabric to make other top that I have and would like to make a pattern from it { the one with a row of buttons}.  Then, I got more linen fabric to make more garments. The tova # 4 was made in 100% linen. I have pre-wash all the fabrics before I cut into them. The linen shrunk about 2 inches after the wash. It is super fine to sew with  and not much stretch. I pinned as much sewing pins as I could to make the lines stable.

S was resting on the couch most of time as she got another cold in this spring winter.  According to her that her nose is plug and hard to breath. She found resting in couch helps! S enjoys her new books from the library and of course the warm and cozy sunlight.

Tova #5 is ready to cut! The color is a little retro and I love the little roses on them. The fabric is from Moda by Cosmo cricket; odds and ends.  It is hard to stop making more garments lately. It feels like discovered a big treasure box;  finally there's a shirt fits me and I look fine in. 

S, asked for a TOVA shirt as soon as I made the first one. This morning I did all the pattern tracing and will re-size down to the right measurement for her. The paper I used to trace is a roll of tracing paper that I purchased from art supply store a few years ago. It is a great investment if you make many kids garments. I was able to make same pattern, but in different sizes that way. 

Oh.. yes! S is hosting a {blog} and she will talk more about it soon! She needs a little time to work on the first post. 

Packing is good! As you see that quilts are being {roll up} and piles of linen sheets to make storage {container}. More soon, I promise!



  1. I love your new Tovas Chase. You look very pretty wearing them.

  2. Oh my, so many beautiful tovas you've made ... My Pattern is still unused. When I see yours I feel like I should better start

  3. i have that Tova pattern and i really, really need to take the time to try it.

  4. Beautiful variations, it is my favourite pattern for tops- I find the fit is perfect!

  5. Tell Stella that I can't wait for her first blog post! You have raised an amazing daughter--so beautiful, creative, thoughtful, and intelligent!
    Thanks for keeping up with the great posts even though you are probably in the midst of moving/packing craziness!
    Stay warm!

  6. You are making me want to sew another To a! The linen is so great. Hmm...better go get some fabric :)

  7. You are on fire Chase! The last time I looked you had 1 Tova, and now you have 5! The linen one is my favorite.
    I'm looking forward to Stella's blog. I bet she's talented too!!

  8. The Tovas are lovely Chase, and the linen is gorgeous. Your sewing machine must have smoke coming out of it! Hope the packing goes well and that Stella gets better soon.

  9. I love to read your blog post and see you wonderful creations! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Can't wait to begin reading the blog by S!!


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