Friday, April 19, 2013

Random: for Savannah

 { spring outfit}

 { little tag}

 {1/8 yard of skirt}

 {tag to check in}

 {fussy cut for the pocket, but didn't match so well}

 { Savannah's mama said, it would be a perfect place for cookies}

 { dots in the back}

 { oh.. the pocket is for Kuper, the gardener that S and I made together}

 { Savannah ate his ears}

 { spring spring spring..}

 { A library tote for her to take.. in another year}

{ very happy visit}

The day started sunny and warm here in ND! After dropped S off to school I went down south. I have had a date with my little girlfriend, Savannah and a quick stop at the bookstore to pick up some books for S. 

Savannah is my graduate colleague's baby girl. The first time, I ever met her in person was last November. she was just 5 weeks old {Our birthday is three days apart}. I held her in my arms and she was just comfortable and slept the entire time when she was with me.  Last week, her mama and her came to visit and she has grown into a too cute baby! She has dark blue eyes and pink cheeks. She is so mellow and happy all the time! She smiles a lot and welcomes new friends. 

I couldn't help not to make her some spring outfits after she left last week. It is a little crazy, but I went through all my stash, but I can't find {Savannah} fabrics!  Another  fabric shopping was made and I found the blue print and the soft floral print for her. 

It is always fun to make baby clothes. They are quick to make and the pattern can be modify in many ways. I used the same pattern made {S' preschool graduation dress} 4 years ago; only much smaller.  Since many paper bags have been donated as we pack. I used the linen tote for gift bag and though it would be a perfect library bag when she is ready! 

She had the little skirt and shorts on while we visit. They fit perfect on her! Since I have more blue prints, I plan to make few more shorts for her.  Of course, S needs something, too! 


  1. Lucky Savannah! Those dresses are just so adorable. She will treasure that pretty and practical library tote for many years to come!

    Hope you have a happy weekend :)

  2. Darling . . . just darling. Did I mention how darling???

  3. precious! and i say that the fussy cutting is close enough!

  4. Lovely. Beautiful gift. I love the way you describe the baby - she sounds absolutely adorable!

  5. Beautiful work, you are clever and very thoughtful too.

  6. Oh those are so cute. Well done!

  7. So so cute! Just the sweetest gifts :)

  8. That Savannah is one lucky little lady with a friend like you :-) Cute outfits!

  9. Baby clothes are so fun to make. These look so fresh and ready for spring

  10. I love the pattern and how these turned out - wonderful :-)

  11. Oh my goodness these clothes are just wonderful. I really mean it, they are adorable, I'm sure her mum was so so touched that you made these for her. The tote is totally fab too.

  12. These are sooooo freaking adorable! Nice work.


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