Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random: Hello

The weekend and the week have been really busy for us! {1/4"mark home} is not very neat nor clean. Each morning, we woke up with full day schedule and left home as is! Packing has started here and it is not as fun as I would like. I have decided to sell all the vintage sheets { on the first photo/ not the quilts} it is a very hard decision making, but I think the 10 feet truck won't carry all. I'll share more on the vintage sheets soon once I could take clear photos.

Sorry for a such short post, but I'd like to let you know all goes well. Tomorrow is my final review! Finger crossed!



  1. My fingers (and toes!) are crossed for you! I know you will do well on your final review!

  2. Good luck with your review, Chase! And hopefully the 'moving' part will finish soon - its not fun at all, packing, cleaning, and can't do sewing much at all. *cross finger for you*

  3. fingers, toes, legs and arms are crossed and a little silent prayer too.

  4. Best of luck. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  5. I KNOW you will do well! Best of luck with packing and moving-that part is no fun.


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