Friday, April 26, 2013

Random: between times

{thank you} for all your sweet words! They are sweet and comfort me in many many ways!  It has been another day that I was on the phone working with the travel agency and the airline. It has not gotten better, but let's hope something will come up in next few days.

Between packing and waiting phone calls. I have made another two Tovas; as you see one is for S and one is for me, but this time is a dress. The neckline on S' turned out perfect this time, but the armholes needed to adjust an inch higher to give more lift when S raise her arms ( the armholes are too big in the pattern and need to get smaller).  She plans to wear it for her Sunday piano recital and pair with her blue legging. Let's say, she is still in green and blue mood.

For  Tova dress, I used 100% linen and set the stitch length to 2.5 and rather pulling the fabric towards to me, I push the fabric forward to the machine. It is super fun to sew with lightweight linen. The only fear I have is I must wear something under or it might see through under the sunlight. I think legging and cami would be a great way to go.

That's five Tova makings in less than 2 weeks for me + two small size Tova for S. It would be sweet to make matchy tops for us, but add something different on each one, but S might not sold that the fabric is in black. I might need to use some of convincing skill on her. 

Finally, I started binding the single girl quilt. The machine binding was done two weekends ago, but it has been putting on hold as my Tova madness is taking over here.  oh dear.......



  1. I see your Roves and think I too should make several :). The style is so good for anything to pair with it. I love that S has a couple too!

  2. they look amazing,Chase. And you're so quick to make so many in such a short time. I hope all your travel details will be worked out really soon.

  3. I love the Tova madness Chase. The latest two are lovely, I really like the idea of a dress. Good luck with your travel arrangements.

  4. I love the pattern reduced down to S size, and such a pretty fabric too! Hope the recital goes well x

  5. I love your new tovas and choice of fabrics, Chase. They look really so pretty! Have a nice weekend! Jola

  6. I just can't drink the Tova Kool-Aid. Probably because i know it would not suit my body type...but you sure have made some nice looking versions of this pattern


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