Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random: random Thursday

 { knit fabric; $2.5 a yard}

 { she is home}

 { quiet Thursday morning}

{S; the packer}

 { new read}

 {for S}

Have you ever sewn with knit fabric? I have had, but such a failure when I did.  A few months back, I was in local fabric store and found the blue floral print on sale {$5 at the time}. I though I could get a yard to try while I was in the store, but the bolt was put back after walking around the store. A few days ago, I went back to the store and the same bolt of fabric was in the 50% off section {$2.50}. I took the bolt and took them home with me. It is knit fabric and I am still not sure if I'll be able to make something cool, but it would be great to try something new. The fabric has been washed and tumble dry and not much shrinkage on the print. The print is soft and comes with great texture and the colors are just great for skirts, dresses, or tops.

The single girl quilt arrived earlier this week. The edges are trimmed and still thinking about the binding fabric. It will be a nice weekending project for me. The quilting is really sweet! more on that later ..

As you can see that our plants have left our home to a new family. It was sad to see them go, but sure they will be happier to be in a larger home. S has started to pack her books. Her packing style is really fun. She is being careful to pack her books, so she will know when we settle again. She is packing slowly, so she can enjoy books that she always loves to read and always ask where is the book came from, who bought the book for her, and when was the first time she read the book..

The knitting project didn't go so well; too many mistakes. I wish to have a knitter friend live close by, so she can help me to make a nice scarf and I can make her some yummy cakes in return. 

The weekending posts will be randomly being post for now. As the weather gotten warm that S likes to be out and about more. For next few weekends, she is having many music recitals to attend.  I hope not to disappoint you without regular weekending posts.



  1. That's a pretty knit fabric - for a great price! Oh and I love the stitches of your knitted scarf.
    Remember that rarely does a knitter completes a project without errors... I'm not a good knitter myself, but I would love your yummy cakes! lol.

  2. Pretty fabric and what a good deal! I've heard that knits can be tricky, but I think you can do it.
    Your scarf looks lovely. I like knitting, but I have to go slow... my wrists hurt from too much computer work and the knitting makes it worst :(

  3. Lovely fabric, what a bargain. I will be interested to see what you make. Hope you enjoy your weekends. I am so glad everywhere is warming up at last.

  4. That's a great bargain for that fabulous fabric, I'm sure you will make wonderful things with it. The great thing about trying something new on a fabric that didn't cost the earth is that you don't feel so bad if it doesn't go perfect the first time round. Enjoy your long awaited spring.

  5. Do you have a knitter you can skype with? I help my aunt that way sometimes. If not, I'm available. :D

    Can't wait to see what you choose for binding the single girl.

  6. You do what you need to do Chase and don't worry about us. We will be here waiting for you when your life allows you to return us from time to time. Can't do everything right darlin'. So pick what you can deal with at the time and do it right (-:
    The fabric is pretty and your knitting is divine. I can't knit. Hands too old and clumsy. (-: (again).

  7. Ah, if you make a skirt with your pretty knit fabric, it will look great with your Tova top! You must be excited about your upcoming changes... xxo to you and S! ♥

  8. Good girl S , it's always better to start to pack early . My thoughts on your knitting are not to worry too much about mistakes on a scarf . When it's wrapped around your neck you won't see the mistakes . I have pulled out and restarted many times and then decided not to pull out rows any more and nobody noticed the mistakes at all .
    Good luck . I will be here for you even if you don't blog every week ! !

  9. Hi, I am new to reading your blog and wanted to comment on your concern with sewing knit fabric.

    In order to have great success with your knit fabric be sure to use the proper needle. I recommend Schmetz Stretch 75/11; these are available at most sewing supply shops. This needle is amazing and you will not have any skipped stitches.

    Also, I occasionally will have problems with knit fabric pulling into the feed dogs when starting to sew at the edge of the fabric. In order to keep this from happening I will start stitching about a quart of an inch into the fabric, taking a stitch or two and then reversing to the edge before continuing with my seam. Hope this makes since to you.

    And my last hint is to use lots of pins to keep your knit fabric from shifting. Good luck, once you get the hang of sewing knit you will be amazed at how easy it is to sew.


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