Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I am in vacation mode!

We are taking our little get away trip tomorrow ! Haven't pack anything, but needed to do so before heading to bed. I have a mini goal for tonight! I'd like to accomplish this mini quilt  before we leave tomorrow. I plan to bring it with me and hand-quilt it during our get away, it will be relaxing.

The colors are so vibrate! I am a little bit nervous about the colors! It is off my comfort zone! No computer for me for next few days.  We'll enjoy good food, good friends, and good sleeps! We plan to be outside most of the time if the weather permits! It will be fabulous! It will be awesome! We don't celebrate Easter in our family, but I wish you have a great Easter week-end! 




  1. ohhh you always are busy!! love those small pieces!

    the little trip sounds perfect, enjoy your time off and Happy Easter!!

    1. Hope you had a great Easter! We just got back from our trip!
      I love working with small pieces fabric.. It is always fun!

  2. This looks prettier and prettier... Enjoy your Easter holiday!


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