Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random: weekending

Thank you so much for the encouragements of the Swoon quilt top . You are so sweet and nice! I have put the quilt top aside for now and will start quilting it once school is done in May. I am slowly working on the triangles that I cut off from the swoon quilt. I am hand-quilting it and plan on making a handbag from it. I have a few bag patterns are in mind, but thought I will finish the quilting part before I finalized the pattern. Today is very windy and cold in N.D. again. The weather report shows that we might have snow tonight. I crossed my fingers and wish just flurries. Whenever Stella visits my school studio she likes to drew or paint. Today she was there with me and she done a great job of herself portrait. I am in a rest mode this week.. just rest! 


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