Monday, April 23, 2012

Random: when she turns 40

I must let you that today is not craft related post, but something that I feel sweet about. Last night, I was on the phone with my sister. I try to call her once a week and the phone line was {hot}, but we always have fun.  Stella always enjoy plays her music through the photo to her puppy Lucky and her aunt.  Before I turned 30, I told myself that I must go somewhere and I did! I took Stella to Mt. Rushmore and that was actually the first road trip we took then the following year we have gone to several places. That was fun! Last year, our destination was Taiwan, but we were in Japan for a week. It was {a fun no plan trip}. What I mean by no plan trip is we got up when we felt like to and sleep when we were tired.

Last night, I told my sister that we must do something together when she turns 40 which will be coming in a few years. She is single and devoted her time in teaching and taking care of two pets { one would be Lucky}. I asked her if she'd go to South France with me or just the countries that we never been. She was laughing, in a good way!! I asked her if she can just eat sandwiches and act like a cool backpacker she laugh again. If you know my sister well. She likes shopping, in a good way!  Then she asked me to research more about the backpacker {rules}. {smile}

As we gotten older, we seem less adventure to do things that we've done when we were in our teens or twenties. I think we've gone through risks and wanted settle down for life.  However, we all need some adventures to challenge ourselves once in awhile. It surely is different type of memories that we will bring back and have.

So, when she turns 40 we are going on backpack trip if the budget allows I hope more countries will be visit!


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