Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random: Sunday

 {DS quilt collection for Joann}

 { Lisette for Joann}

 { book making}

{patchwork in progress}

We woke up in the rainy and cold morning. The furnace was running and I found myself rather tired instead. The sun has been hiding for last couple of days and we both ready to go out for some walk. We were talking bring out bikes for a short bike ride last week.  Well, we stayed in today! 

I found Lisette in Joann's awhile ago, but the price is marked very high, so I waited when it is 50%off. I got 2.5 yards on the weekend. I plan to make Stella a summer top or dress. The ice cream print is rather cute! The fabric is for apparel rather than quilting. It is a little silky texture.  The newest DS quilt hits our Joann's store. I saw 8 prints, but only got 4. I think I will go back again.  

The little girl is rather busy this morning. She is making a book called Family Democracy.  I can't tell you how lovely the book turns out! I have always love taking photos of her from the sewing room to the living room. The door way creates a nice frame. 

While Stella is making her book. I am busy making the new patchwork piece. My scrap bowels are over and float on the table. It is time to get them into a whole piece and make them into something.. It will be a few days process before I have them done.  

Our Sunday is rather quiet today since we both enjoy what we were working on. The little girl is sound in sleep now and I am off more patchwork+ ing.. 


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  1. those fabrics are so lovely!!
    is sad we dont have Joann here!


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