Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random: Weekending

 { homemade pancake, soft potatoes, fresh berries}

 { her milk} + { my coffee}

 { free motion quilting #1}

 { free motion quilting #2}

 {free motion quilting #3}

 {free motion quilting #4}

 {free motion quilting #5}

 {patchwork handbag}+ { work in process}

{ for baby#} +{ These babies are considered the "Dragon" baby} 

I would like to give everyone of you a BIG { hug. hug. hug. hug}. Thank you so much for the sweet comments that you left for my {patchwork handbag}. You have all made me smiled!! I have enjoy making the handbag and love to use up my scraps lately, as I mentioned in the last post. It is a way to save and make something fresh and new again. I was playing the scraps on Thursday night and planned to make  baby bibs. My grad colleague told me she is expecting a baby, but she is not going to find out what she is having. I decided to used green and yellow. I think both colors will fit for the boy and the girl.  I am comfortable with my free motion quilting skill now. I think it comes with lots practice and understanding the motion movement on the machine. These bibs turn out cute!

The STEP violin group is done for this semester. We were able to stay home and prepared some homemade breakfast on this morning. We turned the music on and shared the preparation and had wonderful morning. It is always relaxing when we are able to stay home and cook together. The meal is always simple, but lots of fun and memories together.  My second set of Swoon patchwork pieces are ready to make into a handbag.  I will keep you post it.. 



  1. You are so talented! I love all your projects

  2. I love the small nature and neatness of your work. I also love the FMQ on number one, I have filed that to try myself!

    1. Thank you, Kerry!! I am hoping to learn more FMQ this summer! My goal is able to learn more quilting pattern by the end of this year! It will be challenge!!

  3. beautiful bibs! and the free motion quilting is perfect!


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