Saturday, April 21, 2012

{ i heart}

{ i heart sweet} My sweet friend remembered that I was talking about wanting try out some Meyer lemons. When my friend was in the city and picked out a pound for me. I am going to use them for my blueberry lemon muffins. I can't wait! Meyer lemons are a bit sweet and juice!

{ i heart firsts} Stella welcome her first real cup last week. She has been using plastic cups from IKEA since she was 2. She has been "borrowing" mommy's cups for her hot coco. I don't mind it! However, it seems like the cups I have are my own type of cups. They are most of handmade cups that I traded when I was in college. Do you know Stella is a big fan of Dalmatian?  It is a perfect first cup for her I knew she will have more cups to follow...

{ i heart greens} Yesterday afternoon the wind was mild I planted the plants into the pots. I am not sure if these two plants are family to each other, but they were in the same water cup for last 6 months. I though I'd give them a try. Sometime, I dream about becoming a green thumb...

{ i heart quilts}This morning, I was playing with my fabric then it started to rain. The floor was cold then I went to get the quilt and put on top of tile floor and surely it was comfortable and today I was watching a movie as well.

{ i heart handmade} The hand-quilting pieces are done! This is the other set that I haven't decided what to do. I plan on making a handbag from the hand- quilting pieces.  I haven't decided the pattern and the lining. It is a tough call.

{ i heart scraps} I cut more 1/5"x1.5" squares this afternoon. I am thinking a stamp quilt for myself in the future. I have always admire the little squares that patch together and I also think I will hand-quilt the piece if I have one in the future.
{i heart sewing tools} I have a pair of orange scissors missing. I must have misplaced it somewhere, but I can't recall for a few days. I think I might need to visit the craft store soon! I know I have many pairs of scissor, but the orange scissors does a special job for me.. it is the pair that I used for hand-quilting. The green pair is for cutting of threads from the fabric. The purple pair is for scrap fabric only. It is a bit funny that I put them into a job title.

{ i heart new found} A paper box that was found in the store last week.

{ i heart organization} the box is for my sewing materials.  I have been searching vintage wooden box for the organization purpose, but I haven't had any good lucks. I saw this box last week in the store and though it is perfect size for my sewing needles and pins.
{i heart farmer's wife qal} i pull the book out today and though I'd pick out another 3 blocks, but I didn't.  I decided to wait till the summer than continually working on this project. The sewing motivation has been low lately. I am getting my act back together and hope to begin some new projects. I wish to complete FWQAL by next summer. I think I'd hand-quilt it as well. I am thinking!



  1. What an ispiring entry today! Love the pictures and glimpse of the works in progress. Why is it that quilting goes so well with kitchen implements? I have kitchen items in use on my sewing table too :)

  2. I have a small collection of Pyrex bowls. I use them for storage fabric scarps and also use it as my little table trash container. I have 4 of them on my sewing table now! I like them very much!! I am so glad that you also enjoy it!


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