Wednesday, February 15, 2012

where did the light go?

Thank you for {like me} . I am slowly take my every moves and be cheerful each day! Finally the light shows up later this afternoon. It is mild cold and was snowing around noon here! I kind of like this type of weather. Remind me something from the past! To be more exact, it reminded me the first time I saw the snow in person {I was 18} and was so amazed how snow falls! I stood in the snow for an hour or so.. and open my mouth to catch snow.. I know silly!  I took a break from school works and had coffee with a friend today. It was so good to catch up her! A good cup of coffee with a close friend always cheers me up and allow me to have a bit of outlet from the department and maybe a bit of time just for myself?!

After the coffee, I had extra 10 minutes myself, so I made a detour to the thrift store.I was very lucky to find four new vintage sheets today. In the past, when I go to thrift stores I would buy anything that's cute and fun, but then in a month or so I would donate things back to the store. Slowly, I learned to look for things that I really would like to be part of my permanent collections. Now I have been looking for vintage tins, vintage bedding sheets, and Pyrex.  I have always joke about myself having an older soul in me!

I have a vintage fitted sheet on my bed now. I love it! I hope to find another fitted sheet for Stella. She likes something in pink or yellow! Now, I just need to keep looking for her.

This is my little stash of vintage sheets. They are actually hard to come by in the town I live. I always ran into them around Christmas time, spring cleaning time. I wish more for next month or so. They are great for quilt backing and making quilts. Do you like vintage sheets?

Each time when I go thrifting, I make sure stopped by the book area. It is always fun to look for vintage books for Stella. I found Pippi Goes on Board today and I recalled my friend Kerry recently have made a paper piecing on Pippi. This book is published in 1948! I love the illustration on the cover! It is very different from the  newest version!  I love how people transfer stories/events into quilts, so inspired!
We came home and the sun is out! It is the kind of warm and fuzzy sun! I asked Stella if she'd take a walk with me before sun goes down. She replied, maybe- later! Right now, she is living in the Pippi story and I haven't hear from her since we unpacked! I will be quiet for another 10 minutes and our night will start here soon!

Hope sun is out in your side and bring you warmth! 



  1. The cover on the Pippi book is perfect, I must have had that in my head somewhere as the hair is just the same! I have bought many thrift books for my daughter over the years, they often end up being the favourite books

  2. If I ever encounter another one. I will make sure pick it up for you! I love vintage/ thrift book store shopping! All the classical drawings and the stories! Just like you mentioned they are Stella's favorite books all this time!


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