Monday, February 6, 2012

celebration of hers

Eight years ago, I left New York City with S in me. It was nervous, scary, emotion, and struggle. At the time, I was young and all I wanted was go home to be with my family. The 9 month pregnancy was long and bad until the month of delivery. Nothing I ate was tasty enough and I had much fruits at the time to allow me live. Shortly after I arrive Taiwan, my dearest grandma passed away in her sleep in suddent. It was a confused year of life and death at the same time for me.

The day before the delivery I was in doctor's office and doctor told me I better take time to walk and allow my body to get ready. That same night I was in pain, but I didn't think I was going to have the baby, since the due date is another week or so.  The morning arrived and I was ready! Dad was on his way to work and turned his car around and came home to take me to the hospital. When the doctor saw me, the first thing he said  was "I guess, the baby was playing hiding game with me last night!" I smiled!

Mom later on came to the hospital and sister cancelled all her teaching classes just to be with me. My aunt rode her scooter from her home which was on the other side of the city and was there to be with me. We all cried when I was in the labor room! It was a quick delivery. I was in the hospital at 9a.m. and S was born at 2p.m. that same day afternoon. She didn't let me suffered the pain too long, but it was the day that I understood what the real motherhood is like. All mother sacrifice themselves and hold it as much as they can to take care of their babies and the families are as well! S was a beautiful baby! I counted her ten fingers and ten toes the first time I saw her. I saw her big eyes like mine and she is alike a baby-Chase. I think! Mom told me she is very alike me when I was a baby only she is prettier and cuter!

Within last 8 years, we have been through so much together! We are like {BFF} that's what she tells me all the time. She is sweet, smart, funny, and creative! She is a world traveler and always enjoy what she is doing! She is there when I am sad! When I was sick she takes good care of her mama and each night after tuck her in bed. She reminds me { sleep early}. I think I could go on and on about her and little things that we share! Sure, she is my most valuable and the only one I will keep if I need to pick! 

Eight means a lot to her! She has been counting and crossed off calendar days. We planned the big day together and she was so surprised to see the birthday notes were everywhere in the rooms. She was a bit shy when I sang the birthday song 3 times. When grandma called her on the phone early the week, she was so happy to tell her that she will be 8 in two days. Grandma told her, her birthday package is on its way. It has becoming a traditional birthday package from Taiwan. All the gifts and loves are compressed in the box! She is loved by many! Never a single day that was left out with unattention or being lonely. Perhaps the only thing that I am guilty about is not able to spend much time with her on weekends, I have to bring her to school when I work. We are together counting the day, mama graduate from school and move away somewhere that we can real settle in and begin our farm home somewhere.

The cake was made the last minute and still very tasty! Look through her cold birthday photos. All the birthday cakes are strawberries and whipped cream! I think next year, I will try something different. We went to brunch with our friend and S invited her friend to join movie with her. We came home and made the cake and hoping the cake to cool off quick, so the whipped cream could stay! It was a fulfilled weekend here with her celebration!

Her birthday always reminded me how to appreciate mothers. It is always nice to have her as my little supporter, yet there were days that we get mad at each other! I think it is { like mother like daughter} thing and it doesn't change! I always believe that each year I grow into a better mom and person because of S.

S asked me not to wrote S on the blog post, but Stella, so I will do so after this post! She is named after {Frank Stella} . When she was 4 I took her to the museum where they have great collection {Frank Stella}'s artwork and told her how special her name is. 

My love to her is grater than any and only wishes she is {happy. healthy. appreciate life}. 



  1. Happy Birthday to Stella! She has grown into a beautiful young girl!

    (... we share our birthdate!!)

    1. Happy Belated Birthday, Nicolette! Hope you have had a fabulous day!

  2. Chase, What a lovely tribute to your Stella. You have a "beautiful" mother's heart. Happy Birthday to Stella!

    1. Thank you! The best part about motherhood is sharing the heart with who we loved and there's no limited about that! cheers to you~

  3. Happy Birthday Stella!
    What a pretty name for a pretty girl!

    1. Stella said Thank you! Stella has a pet friend name "Stella, the puppy"! We love having them together!


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