Wednesday, February 8, 2012

at home

 Thank you for all the well birthday wishes! She is thrilled that she has birthday wishes from all over the world! You all made her smiled and giggled! After the big celebration I managed clean up the apartment and get ready for the new week. It seems like I do that every week! The schedule never changed and just keep move on to the next one. I pull out the first quilt along that I participated three years ago.  The quilt is covered the couch and  lighten up the room so much more and brought some changes to the living room. We love the change!

This is the first baby quilt I made for Stella when she was 4. At the time, I just started serious about quilting and love design my own quilt patterns. It is tulips pattern I designed! During the first few years of quilting I've done most quilts by hand instead. I borrowed an older machine which wasn't good for straight lines and it didn't have good 1/4" seam to follow up.

The baby quilt has been washed over the years and it became very soft and almost vintage look compared the fabric stashes I have now.  I used 30's print for this quilt and this quilt has managed stay with Stella all the time and she is still loving this quilt when she watches movie on the couch. There is also a doll quilt for Kiki, the hipo.

The little baking that we've done together. The coffee cake is great! We kept went back to the kitchen and get a small slice. The tasty of the cake is very settle and I love it with the coffee this morning. We are talking about making a coffee cake every week, but likely we won't be able to eat the cake by ourselves.

The rosemary is gone a week after I planted. I think I { damage} it! I replaced the mint this time and it seems doing very well! I though I would give it a try and the south window has been great for some plant so far! I keep changing their location in last few weeks. This week, I'd like to plan basil and give it a try.  This summer I would love to have some herb pots for cooking. It would be so great to have a backyard garden for our home grown veggies. uM.. sPRING!


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