Thursday, February 9, 2012

House block tutorial

I'd love to share this simple house block with you! It is really easy and I have taken many photos for the process.  Note: all the seam allowance is {1/4"}

5 pieces of print fabric cut in 2"x2"
4 pieces of solid fabric cut in 2"x2"
2 pieces of solid fabric cut in 2"x4.75"
1 piece of print fabric cut in 5 7/8"x5 7/8"
1 piece of solid fabric cut in 4.5"x4.5" 
sewing machine 
rotary cutter

Lay the 2"x2" squares in a nine patch look 

 Sew them together/ press the back seam open

Attach two 2"x4.75" on each side

Press the seam open in the back

Cut the 5 7/8"x5/78" square diagonally, this would allow you to have two large triangles then do the same to the 4.5"x4.5"square

 Lay the solid triangle on the face of the printed fabric. The triangle base should be parallel. 

 Corner to corner. 

 Pin the fabrics together with pins

 Press the back seam open 

 Lay the second solid piece on the other side of the printed fabric and again the base should be parallel. The triangle top should look like the above picture. 

 Pin the fabrics together then press the back seam open again. 

 Now you should have two parts { roof} and {base} to join together 

 Take your {roof} and fold in half then use your finger to press the center and create a line/point.

 Take your {base} and folded in half then use your fingers to press the center and create a line/ point

When you lay them open they should look like above photo. Then match the pressed line/point together.

 Pin your {roof} and {base} together 

I highly recommend to pin it all the way through to avoid the fabric shift. 

Open your pieces then press the back center seam open. Here you have a cute house block! The finished size is 7"x8". Enjoy!

2/10 edit: this post is linked up in { crazy mom quilt- finished up Friday}. Make sure stop by there and check out the links. So many great accomplishments that friends shared!



  1. Lovely Chase and thanks for the tutorial!

  2. These houses are both playful and pretty! Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us.
    ; )

    1. Thank you! This is my first quilt block tutorial.

  3. lovely tutorial Chase!!
    thanks so much for sharing it!

  4. Great tutorial, very clear pictures and a very cute house, I am adding this to my quilt block tutorial favourites!

    1. Thanks, Kerry! I have 100 of them in progress! I made a mistake on the solid fabric yardage, so I have to reorder more for this project. Have a great weekend!


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