Friday, February 3, 2012


I wish I could steal some of the time this week to make the eight blocks, but I failed! This week went by fast! Actually I am not remembering what I did mostly, but I knew I was sewing a lot and preparing classes! Brainstorming some fun assignments for the students, but I am sure they might not on the same boat as I have wish! That's ok! I will try again!

I am running out some energy each night lately! Last night, I was reading my text book for the class I attended. I think after few pages my eyes were half closed and the text lines became black lines just like {----------------} <-- { unclear} then the move  I made was straight to bed!

This morning when I woke up I realized the chapter I supposed finished were the wrong pages! The next move I made was straight to kitchen and made some tea for the day. When the clock strikes at 6:50. I arose my voice and woke up S for the fresh new day.  She was up with messy hair and rolled up p.j. pants. Looked very cute from a mom's stand point! An usual day here as always!

The day at school wasn't bad! I enjoyed the class that I attended the professor is amazing! He is knowledgeable in his study of area. The two hours and 30 minutes surely went by fast quick! Came home and realized, boy I filled the scraps bowl again! Very much likely it will be save for something special again.  Nothing better than fun scrappy projects.

I shall disappear for the weekend as I commit myself to S for a full Saturday date with her and a Sunday fully studio day myself! I will take many photos then share later on..



  1. Your new blog is lovely! I'm so bad about going through the list of blogs I follow, but I updated your link on my blog. You should import some of your favorite old posts from the old blog too!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Chase! I haven't get all the time to update the sidebars and update some tutorials I wrote in the past! Hopefully a better headband as well..


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