Wednesday, February 22, 2012

between us

 {my side of floor}
 {Stella side of floor}

Ever since we removed the square carpet in the sewing room. We both feel there are so much room for us. No more walking in the danger of not able to see the pins and needles. No more vacuuming, but sweeping. The sewing room is divided in half by the table. My side is always full with threads and fabric scraps and pins. Stella's side is always full of colors, papers, and books. Glad we never bother from each other!

The Kona maize I ordered finally arrived yesterday. I finished all the houses today. I have actually total of 102 houses instead of 100. I miscalculated! With additional two houses, I might place them in the backing instead. Looks like it is a big quilt instead. A little trimming needed to be done before assembling! I am excited to share with your more later, but I will need to dismiss myself for another few days. I have an Art History exam coming up this Friday. I shall be study late at nights rather than sewing and having fun!


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